To be a racing driver is to live the dream of millions of young children all across the planet. You become an idol, a hero, and do a job that lots of people envy.


Being a racing driver requires intense training, discipline and determination, especially if you want to be successful. However, during all of that, we believe safety is absolutely essential.


The X’zuit was designed to cover racing drivers of every skill level during every step of their journey, both on and off the track. The X’zuit wasn’t made to be a one-off purchase for a few races or training, it’s part of a lifestyle that will stick with an up-and-coming racer all the way until they’re seasoned veterans. We believe in longevity, teamwork and always keeping our racers covered, wherever they are and whatever stage they’ve reached.


You ARE Covered

Like most racing apparel companies, we started with humble beginnings. Our own journey began in 2002 when the company established its place on the market with innovative and unique designs tailored for every driver. Early on, we were given the CIF-FIA for the safety of our suits, further establishing the company as a top contender for racing suit choice amongst individual racers and teams alike.


As the company grew we knew we had to adapt. We began making more products and tailoring our suits specifically for sponsors, colors, specs and individuals. This took the company to new heights, making us the choice suit over mass-produced ranges.


The X’zuit prides itself on individuality and tailoring to the specific needs of our racers. Our priority is their comfort, safety and ensuring they stand out from the crowd. This is why we love working with racers from an early age and sticking by them until adulthood, as it creates a lifelong bond that sees them through thick and thin.


With so many incredible suits on the market, the X’zuit knew is had to be different. It had to be something that no one else was wearing. That’s why we refuse to compete with pricing, and never mass produce. We maintain value and customization with every order for any team or individual, because we strive to always have you covered.

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