To be a racing driver is to live the dream. Becoming a successful racing driver requires

discipline, determination, and intense training. Through it all, we believe safety is essential.

This is why X’zuit strives to always have you covered.


And yet X’zuit is more than just apparel for races and training. We intend to be the go-to brand

of athletes that live for the race. With that in mind, X’zuit was designed to support racing drivers

on every step of their journey, both on and off the track. 


Our journey began in 2002 when we established ourselves with innovative and personalized

designs tailored for each unique driver. Gaining the CIK-FIA Homologation approval for the

safety of our suits in 2003 only further established us as a top racing suit choice amongst

individual racers and teams alike. As our company grew we learned to adapt, offering a wide

variety of products and finetuning our suits to have even higher quality trims, colors, and fit.

As our brand grew, so too did the drivers who we have supported from an early age. Some

of these proud wearers of X’zuit have gone on to achieve major success on the tracks, and

we are excited and honored to have been a part of their journey.


With so many choices for suits in the market, we understand the challenge to be different. Our priority is the driver’s safety and comfort, without sacrificing their ability to stand out from the crowd. We are confident that we will deliver unmatched value through our unique customization model and outstanding care and service to you, the racing driver, as we strive to always have you covered.

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